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Lat. 40° 33' 883'' N - Long. 8° 18' 405'' E - Mobile (+39) 3332074951 - (+39) 3481303966

Port of Alghero

The Port of Alghero is situated in north-western Sardinia (Italy), just a few miles from some of the main - and most attractive - tourist resorts to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean. The port is a hub for seafaring vessels and is equipped with all of the services you would expect. Alghero is sure to win you over with its stunning architecture, history, culture, cuisine, climate, natural beauty and breathtaking coastline. Connected to the Italian mainland and to the rest of Europe via the nearby sea ports and airports, Alghero was recently described as follows in the Financial Times: «A port city that is busy throughout the year, albeit less so in winter; it is far from being a simple holiday resort that closes down in the low season. Its historical centre is a constant source of surprises».